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Here are some success stories and comments we have received about Figurenotes…


Looking for testimonials about Figurenotes training?

Exam Success green circle tiny

“Young singer with dyslexia was struggling to read music for her vocal and piano music. She is a talented girl but was very despondent and ready to give up. It was a real pity as she worked very hard to compensate.  

Figure notes opened up a new world for her. She passed her National 5 music exam with an A! She is now well on her way with her Higher pieces and is thoroughly enjoying playing and singing.  

Her confidence has increased as a result and she is happy and progressing very well. Without this fantastic system she would have given up her music.  Here is to a bright musical future.”

Anne Lawrence, Vocal Instructor, Inverclyde

blue triangle tiny Award-winning

“I was delighted to give the Music Teacher award for best SEN resource to Drake Music Scotland for their excellent work with Figurenotes, which really gives a big boost to learners in the early stages of playing an instrument and reading music.”

Darren Henley, Managing Director of Classic FM

Powerful yellow square tiny

“Figurenotes as a training tool for rhythm became a powerful resource progressing students significantly quicker than those learning using conventional notation.”

Christopher Gray, Music Leader


red cross tiny Intuitive

“Figurenotes is so intuitive it needs little or no explanation which is such a benefit when dealing with pupils who find verbal instructions difficult.  I have also seen some very distractible children maintain focus for longer than ever before.”

Maggie Malloch, pre-school nurseries, Dumfries and Galloway


Visual green circle tiny

“The concrete, visual nature of the system makes sense to my autistic learners…Figurenotes has increased their ability to concentrate. One pupil has learned to use Figurenotes to recreate existing tunes – this shows executive function and the potential to be creative  – very significant for ASD learners.”

Jill Reeves, St Crispin’s School, Edinburgh


blue triangle tiny Confidence

“Pupils are achieving what seemed to be impossible! Using Figurenotes gives confidence, which, in turn, seems to encourage the desire to communicate.  It is the first step to so many possibilities…I have been a music teacher in both mainstream and special needs for many years and have used many approaches but Figurenotes has helped our children progress in music beyond all expectation.”

Annona Thornton, Lilybank SEN School, Inverclyde


Calming yellow square tiny

“It does seem to have a calming effect which was not something that I had anticipated at all.  Certainly, the immediate success has brought about a new confidence in some of our pupils who tend to be fearful of new things- they look at a page of Figurenotes and immediately think ‘I can do this.’”

Donna Macaulay, Kaimes School, Edinburgh



red cross tiny Life-changing

“Figurenotes is not just a good notation system it is life-changing.
Special Needs pupils are now accessing the community in a way which was undreamt of a few years ago.  It is giving us the opportunity to involve all children in music.  This can only be to the benefit of the pupils, the families, and society in general.
Ticks every box of the Curriculum for Excellence and then some.
The pupils have gained a level of independent skills which is life changing for them.”

Annona Thorton, Lilybank SEN School, Inverclyde


Excellent outlet green circle tiny

“R can be quite violent and difficult to focus.  However, R would follow Figurenotes with accuracy and rhythmic precision.  He would play the bars with a very gentle touch.  He apparently loves music in general but has always opted to play drums and sticks with great force.  So this has surprised all of the staff and they think Figurenotes chimes have been an excellent outlet for his musical interest and skills.”

Figurenotes Early Years teacher



blue triangle tiny Possibilities

“A system which opened up the possibilities of musical composition to anybody, even those who have already decided they “can’t do music”…This opportunity should definitely be afforded to as many people as it is possible to reach!”

Lindsay Swann – PGCE


Progress yellow square tiny

“I studied for the CT ABRSM teaching certificate recently because I was particularly interested in teaching piano to pupils with disabilities . Figurenotes came along at just the right time and has enabled me to move easily into this area of teaching. I have one adult pupil who has difficulties with reading and is visually impaired but when his mother recently visited him he said she looked shocked when he sat down at the piano and played for her. He is delighted to be playing for the first time in his forties and hopes to move into playing Elvis and Beatles songs.”

Sally Hands, Piano Teacher


red cross tiny Happy

“I have been teaching a boy of 5 who is on the high end of the autistic spectrum.  Today he had only his fourth lesson with Figurenotes but he was playing Old Macdonald – it made him so happy that he had done that and he wouldn’t stop jumping up and down!”

Music Teacher Emma Fennessy, Kent