5 star review for Equilibrium

Our Traditional Scots music ensemble Equilibrium has received a 5 star review (see below) for a stunning concert at the Just Festival on 23 July 2016.

One of the concert’s many highlights included this hauntingly beautiful rendition of Amy Moar‘s Loch Leven

We are very grateful for the support of The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust and the Amy Moar Legacy Fund towards Equilibrium.

Equilibrium (Drake Music Scotland)

By Louise Rodgers | Published by TW on Saturday 27 August 2016

Equilibrium Ed2016

***** Five Stars

Little did I realise, when I stepped into St John’s Church, that I would see the most innovative music show so far, but that’s what happened tonight. Traditional Scottish music ensemble Equilibrium’s members are a mixture of able-bodied and disabled musicians on equal terms – conductor Rhona Smith uses technology linked to the other members’ monitors to overcome limited physical movement. There were both traditional and digital instruments and an excellent singer; many pieces were their own compositions – what great tunes. They’ve had to deconstruct Trad music and reassemble it in a way that suits the digital instruments – they can’t use a strict tempo – but the skill, inspiration and artistry that made this performance so enjoyable took my breath away.

Just Festival At St John’s, 23 Aug.