Stuart MacPherson

Stuart, standing, looking at camera

Stuart Macpherson is a musician, composer and sonic artist based in rural Galloway.  His work has a strong focus on place and environment and how we are connected to it, in particular the remote and rural and its relevance on a bigger stage.  His works have been performed by a wide variety of music ensembles including Red Note, Scottish Ensemble and McFall’s Chamber and has been twice shortlisted for the Martyn Bennett Prize for Composition.  He has worked on cross-disciplinary projects through National Theatre of Scotland, Creative Mackintosh Festival, Spotted Stripes Circus and recent work has diversified into immersive sound installation and collaborative projects with performances as part of Galloway’s darks skies event for experimental works, Sanctuary and Glasgow’s Cryptic Nights. He has a desire to create new music that raises compelling questions about wider environmental ideas, whilst challenging audience perceptions.

As a performer he has been involved in numerous projects ranging from the highly acclaimed orchestration of Martyn Bennett’s ‘GRIT’ and ‘Bothy Culture’ by Greg Lawson to his work with singer/songwriter Emma Gillespie (Emma’s Imagination).  He is currently performing and writing for new quartet ‘The Galloway Agreement’ with Wendy Stewart, Ruth Morris and Gavin Marwick.