Summer Events – Come & Support the Artists

Sean Logan standing over a piano keyboard, arms wide, wearing a flat cap and looking at the camera

Summer Events – Come & Support the Artists

We’re looking forward to a busy month of Festival Fringe events and summer performances by artists we’re thrilled to be supporting in various ways.


Sean Logan’s First Fringe Show – Full SpectrumSean Logan - Full Spectrum Poster

Sean is a talented keyboardist with a wealth of different piano styles at his fingertips, who finds himself somewhere on the autism spectrum.  With unerring insight into his own neuro-diverse mind and a powerful need to communicate, he has put together his own show combining musical exuberance with hilarious and thoughtful musings on the need for wider autism awareness.  Sean’s show never strays towards worthiness but blends pithy raconteurism with keyboard pyrotechnics that take your breath away. Check out his music here:

Supported by Drake Music Scotland and the National Autistic Society

Warnings and additional info: Strong language/swearing


Venue: The Pianodrome at the Old Royal High, 5 – 7 Regent Road Edinburgh

Dates: Aug 4-6, 18, 21

Times: Various – check Fringe website for information

Info & Tickets:

and also from The Pianodrome:


Out of the Common at Craigmillar Festival

Growing out of our ongoing project with Intercultural Youth Scotland, young artists’ collective Out of the Common has come together to develop hip-hop inspired beats + loops with lyrics and rap addressing issues they care passionately about. Part of the 2022 Craigmillar Festival.

Venue: Lyra Studio, SPACE, 11 Harewood Rd, Edinburgh EH16 4NT

Date: Saturday Aug 13

Time: 1300


Edinburgh Fringe Street Event Wednesday 24th August

Musicians who take part in our MusicSPACE programme will have the chance to share their music with the public at a Fringe gig at St Andrew Square.  Come along and support them and soak up the atmosphere when Edinburgh is at its most colourful!

Venue: St Andrew Square, Edinburgh

Date: Aug 24

Time: 1200 – 1400


The Pianodrome LogoPianodrome Summer Resonancy

The Pianodrome has a wealth of exciting shows on offer throughout the Fringe and beyond. With its motto ‘No piano is junk, no person is unmusical’ there is something for everyone to see and take part in. Drake Music Scotland has partnered with the venue to put on two free lunchtime events with MusicSPACE artists and the crew from Out of the Common, our collaboration with Intercultural Youth Scotland supported by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative.

Venue: The Pianodrome

Dates: 2 – 3 September

Time: 1300 – 1345

Information and Access Details: