This has just confirmed exactly what I want to do with my life!

This quote sums up Sorcha’s work experience at Drake Music Scotland. Last month Sorcha and fellow pupil Alex from The Royal Blind School, spent a week with Drake Music Scotland. “We both wanted to have the chance to work in music so this is where we wanted to be!” The pupils carried out a range of administrative and practical activities including updating databases and researching new contacts to working with the in-house bands Audability and Live Heart and joining in the one-to-one tuition.

Both pupils successfully overcame the challenges facing them, which included using “Voiceover” and learning new key shortcuts on a Mac and travelling to the office independently. As Alex discovered “We had to get two different buses and one of them only comes every half an hour so we had to time it right!”

Sorcha has been keen to point out “The whole week has been a valuable experience and we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the work of Drake Music Scotland and the variety of projects they carry out.” Alex particularly enjoyed finding out about the different technologies used and how they are implemented for learning. Drake Music Scotland staff thoroughly enjoyed working with the pupils. Best of luck for the future Alex and Sorcha!