Volunteer Stars!

Over the last ten weeks, six young volunteers have been supporting our in-house music programme MusicSPACE.

Francesca Borghi, Sarah Findlay, Rebecca Queen, Rebekah Searle, Achillaes Sourlas and Hazel Turnbull have each given up at least four hours of their time every week to provide invaluable assistance to our group and individual tuition sessions for children and adults with disabilities.

“We are so lucky to have such a talented team of volunteers” says Education Training Manager Cath Sewell “The programme has benefited enormously from their enthusiasm and music skills and I’m sure the experience has been great for them too!”

MusicSPACE now takes a break over the Easter holidays and we are delighted that all of the volunteers (with the exception of Achillaes who is moving to Taiwan!) are keen to continue supporting our sessions next term.