It’s Everyone’s Job – Roles and Responsibilities of DMS personnel in relation to Child Protection

“As children and young people, we have a right to be protected and be safe from harm from others.”

The Children’s Charter –

Drake Music Scotland shares the objective of promoting, supporting and safeguarding the wellbeing of all children, including those who are most vulnerable. We work with children and young people with disabilities and additional support needs, identified as one of the groups that can be more vulnerable to abuse. We are part of a network of organisations involved with children, their families and carers. We are also part of the wider community which is considered ‘collectively responsible’ for safeguarding the welfare of children, providing a robust child protection system and reporting concerns about a child’s welfare to the statutory agencies (Police and Social Work). For the system to work effectively everyone needs to understand the contribution they can make and how those contributions fit together to provide the best outcomes for children. Through our work we partner with many organisations including schools and will work with our partners on any Child Protection issues that arise to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

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DMS Safeguarding Policy