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Drake Music Scotland
Drake Music ScotlandSaturday, August 13th, 2022 at 2:47pm
Out of the Common played 7 new tracks as part of @craigmillarfest in @lyraedinburgh studio . Next gig @pianodrome 1pm on Sept 3rd
Our collab project with @InterculturalYS 'Out of the Common' will be performing for the first time tomorrow @CraigmillarFest @ 1PM in the Lyra building.

We caught up with 2 of the artists involved @AskSanjeevs & Omar James to find out more about their tracks!
The @CraigmillarFest programme is now live!

It's jam-packed with music, workshops and entertainment for all the family including our very own project with @InterculturalYS 'Out of the Common' at 1PM.

Click below for the full programme:
Really excited about direction this project is taking! Out of the Common has sprung out of a collaboration with @InterculturalYS & is taking on a life of its own 🙏🙏 to @CreativeScots #YMIScotland
Come & share the moment..
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