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Drake Music Scotland
Drake Music ScotlandTuesday, February 7th, 2023 at 2:57pm
Please share sign this vital petition from Sanjeev Mann aka Supermann on da beat.

The petition is asking the UK government to take action & make funding available to make venues fully accessible and to improve access to stages, toilets, bars, and viewing areas fully accessible to disabled people!

We need more role models to show it's possible and Sanjeev is a great example.


‘For too long, the needs and rights of disabled people have been made secondary to financial costs and this isn’t good enough anymore. For a country that claims to be progressive, Scotland and the UK should be leading the way in making the world a more accessible place. But over the last 10 years, we haven’t made much progress in terms of physical accessibility and raising awareness about the importance of this and how it impacts the lives of millions of disabled people They recognise the core issue but do nothing about it. For example, people acknowledge that they want equality and want all buildings to be accessible, yet nobody feels obliged to do anything so we can move forward. To deliver change everyone must share responsibility for the world around them without expecting others, in this case, disabled people, to push for equal access.

In terms of the arts, there seems to be a common misconception that disabled people don’t really exist. There are reasons why you can’t name 5 disabled musicians from the top of your head. Why? There are two main reasons. Firstly, people have very low expectations and they’re shocked and surprised when they realise that disabled people can be equally successful as their able-bodied counterparts - this idea needs to change. Secondly, how can you expect equality when disabled people often can’t access stages to perform? Millions of musicians start their careers by performing at small local independent venues, but for disabled people, this just isn’t the case because so many venues don’t have access to the performing area. For example, in Glasgow the majority of small venues aren’t accessible at all in any way.
Drake Music Scotland

Our man @AskSanjeevs aka Supermann on da beat has a chat with Karen Sutherland about her story and how she got involved with Drake Music Scotland!

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Wow! Fantastic that @Benlunn has been selected as one of @RoyalPhilSoc 's cohort of 8 composers to be supported in 2023 with a commission and a premiere. Very happy a new horizon is opening up for our #AssociateComposer & @DANetwork2 co-ordinator amongst many other roles!
What delightful news! So happy to hear @Violet_notes is getting this recognition.
We're looking forward to Room to Breathe @soundscotland later this month

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