1. How can I start using Figurenotes?

Visit our online shop, where you’ll find Figurenotes resources, including our Figurenotes Starter Pack. Here you can also buy access to our Figurenotes Community, with downloads of the latest Figurenotes Software, as well as tunes and Figurenotes teaching aids.

2. What instruments can Figurenotes be used with?

Figurenotes is commonly used with keyboards, guitars, drums and chimes. Our Figurenotes Starter Pack contains guides to setting up Figurenotes on guitar and drums. We are currently developing resources for use with brass instruments and wind instruments. Some teachers use Figurenotes with string instruments too. If you need more advice on this subject, please get in touch.

3. What resources are available?

We currently have 5 Figurenotes packs: ; The Figurenotes Starter Pack, which contains everything you need to start using Figurenotes; First Figurenotes, for use with 3-7 year olds; a Carol Pack for Christmas; a Classical Pack; and a Folk Tunes pack. In our Figurenotes Community we have downloads of the latest Figurenotes software, which you can use to create, or recreate, music, or make flashcards for use with groups. In this area, we also have tunes and resources for you to download for creative work in classrooms. Visit our online shop for resources such as stickers, magnets, and tunes.


4. Where can I get Figurenotes training?

Drake Music Scotland provide training days which will help you bring Figurenotes into your classroom, and give you the confidence to deliver music sessions yourself.  We also run Figurenotes Good Practice Days throughout the year, where individuals can train in a wider group. If you would like to get information about these training days, please get in touch and sign up to our mailing list.


5. Can I get Figurenotes at home?

Figurenotes is ideal for learning at home. This is where the software is particularly useful, so you may want to get access to our Figurenotes Community for the latest downloads. The Figurenotes Starter Pack should provide you with everything you need to get started with Figurenotes at home. If you choose not to use the software at home, then you might consider buying our Figurenotes Magnets. These can be used to build creativity as you compose your own tunes.


6. What do I do if I’m colourblind?

If you are colourblind and still wish to use Figurenotes, our software can create letter names within the shapes, as well as solfege. Some Figurenoters also draw a diagonal line through a colour they struggle with. For example, if you can’t distinguish red from green, put a diagonal line through all the greens. This has proved a very effective method.


7. I don’t want to put stickers on my piano. What can I do instead?

If you are a member of the Figurenotes Community then you can download ‘Fingers’ which you can place on your piano without stickers. Figurenotes is used in exactly the same way, but is easy to apply and remove depending on each pupil’s needs. Look at the More Resources section of the Figurenotes Community to download.

8. Is it easy to use the Figurenotes software?

Absolutely! There are very few commands because it is very visual and graphic, with little to no text. A lot of our pupils, both mainstream and with additional support needs, use it to compose their own music! Here is a little demo video on how to get started on it. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to open a topic in the Forum or email us. The software can help you tailor your lessons to your pupil’s exact needs. Alternatively, the Figurenotes community contains a large array of ready-made resources for your use. You can also click here for our Figurenotes packs designed for both group work and one-on-one tuition.

9. How does Figurenotes help pupils do better in school?

Learning music via Figurenotes helps pupils develop better study skills by encouraging them to concentrate on a task, commit to working and practising regularly. They also develop social skills by working as a team with the teacher and/or other pupils. They will be used to matching shapes, which helps develop their ability to process information. As they improve, they will learn to work more independently by gaining a certain amount of control over their instrument. Instant success, due to the concrete nature of Figurenotes, leads to confidence and motivation, meaning players are less likely to give up.

10. How do I use the Figurenotes software to make tunes?