All Join In

Our All Join In programme visits around 40 special schools across Scotland and is designed to engage creatively with teachers and schools, to offer training in the use of music technology and to create new music to be performed by pupils and shared with all participating schools.

    • Creative group sessions for special school pupils connecting with Curriculum for Excellence
    • Opportunities to create and record new music
    • Performance opportunities in school and other venues
    • Active participation in music through accessible instruments and technology
    • Active participation in music through Figurenotes notation
    • Improving communication and interaction through group work
    • Training and CPD for teaching and support staff
    • Consultation and advice about resources and equipment purchase

We believe that there is no single ‘answer’ to creating an inclusive music provision in schools. The most successful activity involves a combination of various approaches including the use of music technology such as Skoog, Soundbeam and Brainfingers alongside strong visual resources such as Figurenotes.

This enables every pupil to participate actively in the creation and performance of music.

Drake Music Scotland is currently working with 18 Local Authorities throughout Scotland. Get in touch to find out how you can get involved.