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Opportunity for Software Developers

We are looking for companies with experience in developing music software to help us take Figurenotes to the next level.

An exciting opportunity has arisen to help us modernise our Figurenotes software as part of our programme: Figurenotes – Everyone Can Play!

We welcome bids from qualified organisations and individuals to transform our existing downloadable Figurenotes application into a web-based application that fully delivers the existing functions and provides required and suggested improvements.

Figurenotes© Software promotes inclusion across the spectrum of music-making opportunities and differentiation within them.  By moving to a web-based system we are opening up accessibility to more devices and more learners, increasing accessible music education worldwide.

The required web-based application will allow a worldwide user-group to create, compose, playback, print, and share scores. The ability to access Figurenotes© Software and files anywhere via an internet connection will allow a diverse range of people to access music and encourage collaboration.

Closing date is 9am on 31/05/2021 

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