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Introduction to Thumbjam

Creating an Instrument in Thumbjam

Figurenotes Chime Bars

Auxy App #2 - Bass Lines

Auxy App #4 - Variations

Ollie is My Parrot

Soundprism - More Features

Soundprism - Chord Progressions

Lovely Day - Performance and iPad Tutorials

Lovely Day - Garageband (Bass)

Lovely Day - Garageband (Keys)

Lovely Day - Example

Bloom - Changing over time, Listen, Echo, Delay, Freeze

Thumbjam - Creating Loops

Thumbjam - Creating Loops (Drums, Arpeggiator)

Mr Whale

Autumn Leaves are Falling

Patterning 2 - Introduction

Patterning 2 - Song Mode; Mixer; Effects

Twist and Shout

Launchpad App - More Features

Launchpad App - Collaboration with Ableton

Auxy App #1 - Intro & Drums

Auxy App #3 - Melodies

Auxy App #5 - Filters

Soundprism - Introduction

Soundprism - Major/minor Chords

Soundprism - Complex Chords

Lovely Day - Patterning (Drums)

Lovely Day - Garageband (Guitar)

Lovely Day - Thumbjam

Bloom - introduction, sounds, keys, colours

Bloom - Evolve when idle, Shuffle, Sleep timer

Thumbjam - Creating Loops (Bass, Piano)

Thumbjam - Creating Loops (Performing)

Red Leaves

Golden Bells

Patterning 2 - Changing Sounds; Choosing Percussion; Rhythmic Effect

Patterning 2 - Export

Launchpad App - Intro & Basics

Launchpad App - Tips & Tricks