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What are we playing today?

Theme on "5 Currant Buns"

Variation on Aitken Drum

The Figurenotes Colours

10 Fat Sausages

The Climb - Tutorial

The Climb - Playalong

The Figurenotes Scale

Choose a Figurenotes colour to play

Let's All Find the Notes to Play

Ally Bally (with Figurenotes)

Flower of Scotland / Highland Cathedral

Blues and Copycats (with Figurenotes)

Here we are at Music Time

Hey Donald - Chorus in Makaton

Hey Donald - Verse 2 in Makaton

Hey Donald - Verse 4 in Makaton

Hey Donald - Full Song

Hey Donald - Verse 1 in Makaton

Hey Donald - Verse 3 in Makaton

Hey Donald - Verse 5 in Makaton

Down in the Jungle

Up Above (make your own instruments)

How Many Planets?

Rain is falling down

John Kanaka

A sailor went to sea & Clean Up Song

Shotgun - Learn the accompaniment

My bonnie lies over the ocean

Going to the zoo

Oo a ley ley

Shake your Sillies Out

Row, row, row your boat

Hey, hey

The Three Craws



Che Che Kule

Rhythm Ideas for Kitchen Drum Kit

Peter Taps

Rain is Falling Down

Up Above

Butterfly Jump Jump

5 Aliens

Walking on the Moon

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

Shotgun - Play along

500 Miles

We're the Monkees

Star Wars

This Old Man

Making a kitchen drum kit

Talking with Music

How to make a homemade guitar

Senwa Dedende

Let's take a walk

Twist and Shout

Making and Playing a Biscuit Tin Drum Kit

Make a Cardboard Cutout Guitar

"Air Guitar"

Hop Little Bunnies

This Way, That Way

The Hello Song

On Top of Spaghetti

Let's All Play Our Chimebars

MYO Mini Drum Kit

Tiny Caterpillar

She'll be coming round the mountain

Mango Mango

Pirates of the Caribbean and Skye Boat Song Body Percussion

Ain't No Mountain

An Austrian

Now We've Made A Pattern

McKechnie's Farewell

Yo Ho

Play A Tune Together

If You Like to Play the Chimebars

Trad Set