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Saving Instruments in Logic Pro & Opening them in Mainstage

Multi Instrument Looping in Ableton Live

Trigger Notion Scores with Switches, Arpeggiate Chords in Ableton Live



Simple Makaton for the music classroom

Teaching guitar with Figurenotes

Connecting MIDI instruments wirelessly to Logic

Soundbeam 2 - #1 Introduction

Soundbeam 2 - #3 Troubleshooting

Sounbeam 2 - #5 Changing a sound using Logic

Soundbeam 2 - #7 Tips for Beams

Teaching Piano with Figurenotes

How to use Roli Blocks with Figurenotes

Recording & Performing with Multiple Instruments in Logic

Soundbeam 2 - #2 Plugging everything in

Soundbeam 2 - #4 Adding a sound to a switch in Logic

Soundbeam 2 - #6 Tips for switches

Go Button App

How to set up a Band

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 3 - Structure

Part 5 - Intro to "Seven Nation Army"

Part 7 - "Seven Nation Army" Bass

Part 9 - "Seven Nation Army" Keyboards

Part 11 - "Seven Nation Army" Play Along

Part 2 - Playing Together

Part 4 - Play Along "Shotgun"

Part 6 - "Seven Nation Army" Drums

Part 8 - "Seven Nation Army" Guitar

Part 10 - "Seven Nation Army" Thumbjam on iPad