Doug Kemp

Doug Kemp playing double bass in a crowd, smiling

Douglas is a musician based in Edinburgh, having completed his Bachelors Degree in Popular Music at Napier University in 2012. Other than working for Drake music, he also works with teenagers in Aberdeen as part of the Aberdeen Performing Arts team for their “Engage: Project Band” program, as well as working at The Art Space in Niddriemill with young people in the arts. Other projects also include the Tinderbox Orchestra, working as an assistant tutor and house musician based in Edinburgh, and Sounds of Palestine, based in Bethlehem, as a double bass tutor for the previous 2 summers, working on continuous collaborations with these young musicians. This coincided with further training for Advanced Community Music Leadership through Musicians Without Borders’ training program based in the Netherlands.

As a performer he has toured extensively with Nofit State Circus for three years performing on a variety of instruments for their production of “Bianco”, culminating in a world tour that took place in New York, Hong Kong and London, and frequently performs in Edinburgh’s world renowned Jazz Bar with local New Orleans tribute band Swampfog. He is currently studying for his second BSc degree in Psychology with Counselling through the Open University and on rare occasions you might see him practicing some circus tricks.
He is an ardent believer in the opportunities that music, and the arts more widely, can offer to any and all as a tool for engagement, participation and shared experience, as well as character building and therapy. All people have a right to music education and to the expression that it allows.