Figurenotes rhythm is straightforward and literal. The note is as long as it looks.


 This means that people using Figurenotes can play together with those using conventional notation.

A four beat bar looks like this:

Rhythm-Images-for-Website_Page_1 (1)

We can add notes like this:

Rhythm-Images-for-Website_Page_2 (1)

Each Figurenotes shape is a one beat note.

Can you see that one shape has a tail? That means you continue the sound. The tail lasts as long as the note should.

These squashed notes are taking up half a beat each:

Rhythm-Images-for-Website_Page_3 (1)

Blank bars are rests. There is no note, so we don’t play. We wait and count the number of beats.

Rhythm-Images-for-Website_Page_4 (1)

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