TDP – The Collective

Drake Music Scotland is delighted to be part of the PRS for Music Foundation’s Talent Development Partnership.

In 2017/18, we will work with Drake Music in England to deliver The Collective – which aims to:

Support the development of talented disabled composers

The Collective will give disabled composers a platform to show their talents, raise their profile and create a new network which gains them better access to new opportunities across the UK. It will also allow both organisations to be part of a wider network and to advise and advocate other partners on access needs.

Raise the profile for disabled composers and developing their audiences

The Collective will share practice with each other and support their own development as well as acting as an advisory group to promote more opportunities for disabled creators/performers from other PRSF TDP organisations. We see a strong disabled artist-led collective of recognised composers will play a key role in promoting better access through advocacy and connection between other TDP partner organisations and arts and disability organisations and networks.

Signpost music creators to other opportunities

We will work with other TDP partners to explore and develop further opportunities for disabled composers, building a wider network of understanding and appreciation of the value of creative work of this under-represented group.

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