TDP – The Collective

Drake Music Scotland is delighted to be part of the PRS for Music Foundation’s Talent Development Partnership which is:

Supporting the development of talented disabled composers

Raising the profile for disabled composers and developing their audiences

Signpost music creators to other opportunities

TDP Artist Profile: Clare Johnston

We’re delighted to be working with disabled composer and musician Clare Johnston (pictured above centre image) who is one of our Talent Development Partnership artists in 2017-18.

Over the past year, we have been supporting Clare to develop some exciting new projects including:

  • Composition – Clare is creating a new and original work using iPad apps such as Thumbjam, Fugue Machine and Sound Prism which will be performed by four disabled young musicians at Cryptic, Glasgow in November 2018.
  • Inclusive Technology – Clare has taught herself Jython computer coding which has enabled her to successfully integrate the Thumbjam music iPad app with Eyegaze software.  This has given our musicians who use their eye movements to control music software and play music access to a larger and improved bank of sounds.


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Clare's integration of Thumbjam with Eyegaze in action