Celebrating our work in Aberdeenshire

"Music is far more than just music, it's the full heart beat of everything that goes on in the school" - Graeme Boyd Headteacher, Carronhill School. This text is sitting in a rectangle with large orange quote marks. The main body of the image is DMS Musician Abi Sinar with light brown hair and smiling, wearing black DMS T-shirt and white striped top underneath holding Figurenotes sheet music up for a girl with dark hair playing the tune on a keyboard and smiling.

Drake Music Scotland have been working in schools in Aberdeenshire with Live Life Aberdeenshire for more than 10 years.

In the 20th Anniversary year of Creative Scotland’s #YouthMusicInitiative and in the launch year of DMS Learn, we wanted to document the fantastic work that our Associate Musicians deliver to the young people in Aberdeenshire.

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This short documentary follows Drake Music Scotland Associate Musicians Abi Sinar in Carronhill School in Stonehaven, and Francis Moore-Colyer in Aboyne Primary School inAboyne throughout a year of delivering music education in these schools.

Music is far more than just music, it’s the full heart beat of everything that goes on in the school.

In the film you will see fantastic examples of some of the ways we make music with young people. From the alternative notation system, Figurenotes which is built into the iPad app ThumbJam as well as Soundbeam and many more.

This project as well as the other projects we deliver in Aberdeenshire schools, are funded through Aberdeenshire Council from Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative.

This wonderful film was made by Tom Swift and Eddy Charlton at Tom Swift Films.

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