Drake gets the Skoog!

Drake has added a new instrument to its repertoire which has been specially designed for people who are unable to play orchestral instruments.

Created by Edinburgh-based company Skoogmusic, the Skoog (pictured above) is a robust, tactile and colourful cube which responds to a wide range of touch pressure and handling to enable musicians to play with a high degree of expression and sensitivity.  Each different colour button can be separately programmed from a vast sound-sample bank to give the player access to almost any instrument or sound.

Drake Music Scotland Chief Executive Thursa Sanderson says “It’s always great to offer our participants a new instrument and especially one as immediately tactile and visually appealing as the Skoog.  We look forward to exploring how our participants can use it to play and take part in our creative music projects such as MusicSPACE, Switch ON to Music and our collaborative work with other arts organisations.”