Figurenotes Good Practice Day – 9th Feb, 2013

Drake Music Scotland hosted its second Figurenotes Good Practice Day of the academic year last Saturday. Lots of fun was had, including having a go at Single Ladies by Beyonce in the ‘Build a Band’ session, classroom teaching built around a Muppets performance, and Sibelius 5!

Our next Figurenotes Good Practice Day will be held on Saturday, 6th April. For more information, and to book your place, contact 

We are currently devising the programme for our April Figurenotes Good Practice Day, so if there is anything you would like covered then let us know as soon as possible.


Just some of the feedback from Saturday’s event:

“Great to make contact with such an enthusiastic and open minded group of practitioners! The community online is great. Thanks for a really enjoyable Saturday.”


“Great to see the flexibility of the system – chime bars to rock band! BRILLIANT!”


” I found it really useful to share experiences with other teachers, and explore and discuss different ways of playing Figurenotes…I really enjoyed the Creative Composition section, using various ways to write songs using Figurenotes.”