Glasgow, could you hear us?

Glasgow, could you hear us? We had a ball at the Music Teacher’s Toolbox training day on November 8th. The aim of the day was to get everyone inspired about Figurenotes and armed with tools and ideas to take back to their teaching. Along with fun warm ups, our participants enjoyed creative work on a space theme, ideas for early years, comprehensive software training, and a rocking finale!

There was such enthusiasm from the whole group, which helped to make the day even more fun. The feedback has been excellent and we are really excited about the next Music Teacher’s Toolbox for Figurenotes on Friday, March 13th (TBC)

We have responded to feedback and have chosen a Friday for those that always work on a Saturday. This should allow more people to access our Figurenotes training, and start using this great teaching tool!

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Just some of the brilliant feedback we have had from our participants:

“Another tool in the box. I think it’s the tool I’ve been looking for for a long time.”

Isobel Burnie, Moray

“It was incredibly useful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love it all. Seeing all the different ways you could use [Figurenotes] from the software through to the games…Thank you for an inspirational day!”

Mo Malcolm-Gourley, Glasgow

“I always come away with new ideas and inspiration to create ideas from these days. Thank you!”

Emily Carr-Martin, Hear My Music

“Most useful – More than I ever expected! Invaluable to have contact with other professionals and realise that I’m not alone working in my wee corner… Figurenotes is brilliant. Fabulous!…Figurenotes guitar is the most exciting prospect for my pupils.”

Margaret Lang, Ashcraig Secondary School

“The Early Years session was FANTASTIC! The Software session was the most valuable aspect of the day. Lauren very relaxed and made me feel at ease with the software.”

Miriam Walker, Argyll and Bute

“Great team of presenters. Clear, concise explanations and lots of enthusiasm. Looking forward to playing with it in work!”


“Really looking forward to integrating [Figurenotes] at different levels of teaching – beginner instrumentalists, dyslexic students, to help visually reinforce rhythm for those who can already read standard notation”


“Before, I had dipped into Figurenotes, and today was great because I had felt overwhelmed starting the more difficult things. Today has shown me that there are more basic stages that I can start with.”

Alison Rennie, Paisley

“The previous method we were using with our kids with autism wasn’t really engaging them. So the software’s great, because it means we can do songs they really want to learn. It was great for me and I just want to get more experience.”

Mo Malcolm-Gourley

“I’m now confident to go and use Figurenotes”

Pamela Grant, Angus