Guest Blog #4 – My Work Experience – Keith Muir

Dunedin School pupil Keith Muir spent last week (23/2/15 – 27/2/15) with us and here’s what he had to say about his week.

“On my first day of work experience I was introduced to the staff who work at Drake Music Scotland and was showed round the rooms. I had a session with Rick, he explained what goes on at Drake Music Scotland, where equipment and resources go, and how to go about doing certain jobs. I had a lot of sessions with different bands where I would help set up equipment in the studio and also fill in for some of the band members. I got to lead the lesson with my own band which we do weekly on a Wednesday. I sat in on a midi course with Paul, it was interesting to see how these things are taught, he got me involved int he lesson and explained “Logic” to me. I also worked in the office where I had to arrange all the Figurenotes that Drake uses for teaching music. I also had to print and organise the file resources for Figurenotes.”

Here’s the video that Keith put together.

My final task was to conduct and edit an interview with their Artistic Director Pete. We recorded the interview and imported it into “iMovie’ where we edited the movie to upload to the website. I enjoyed my experience at Drake Music Scotland and it really gave me an insight into what their job is like and what they do. I also learned a lot a bout Drake Music Scotland and what they do and how they go about setting events up. I learned what it like to help work in a studio, and behind a desk. I think the whole experience was great and enjoyed all the parts of it.”

We really enjoyed having you here too Keith, thanks for working so hard!