James Mason Work Experience

My time at Drake Music Scotland


My time at Drake Music Scotland has been great, I have been given a huge amount of insight into the work environment, which I had previously not known. The time spent here has helped my time management skills and I have learnt some skills in the music department.

On the first day I was acquainted with the staff. I learnt what positions they held within the company and what jobs those positions required. I was shown around the building and shown where the facilities and rooms are. I did some office photocopying before a session.


The session I had was with the band Varifocals, who mainly play 80’s era rock music, which was fun. I talked with the band members and got to know them a little bit.

On the second day I had a session with a punk band called Liveheart and briefly talked to the members. I then had a listen in on Audability who were rehearsing. Audability share a drummer and bassist with Liveheart but are more of a folk/country band. I helped Rick with some production on one of Audability’s songs post-rehearsal.

On the third day I helped with Figurenotes and packaged two of the Figurenotes bundle packs.

I then co-lead a session with Dunedin Band (who I normally play with.) In the session I helped set up the equipment, along with co-ordinate the band.

At the end of the day I wrote notes on my current time at Drake Music Scotland for the blog.

On the fourth day I sat in on a music technology course, which was mainly covering music production. I learnt how to use Logic for making music in said lesson.

I then helped re-organized the guitar, bass and mandolin strings and took inventory of the jack adapters.

After which I made a demo of Drumjam, an iPad application for creating drumbeats. I proceeded to edit the two clips I recorded and exported them.

My time at Drake Music Scotland has been fantastic. It has helped me learn more about the work environment and has given me a much better understanding of people with disabilities. Numerous disabled people trump adversity due to Drake Music Scotland and the technology they possess.

I must thank Drake Music Scotland greatly for the experience. It has been an amazing one.

By James Mason