Kitted Out

Christmas has come early to Drake Music Scotland in the way of a new state-of the-art Digital Drum Kit which will make it easier for musicians with disabilities to play in bands and make their own music.  The purchase of the 8-piece Digital Drum Kit has been made possible through an Arts & Business New Arts Sponsorship Grant for Insurance brokers Keegan & Pennykid’s sponsorship of Arts & Business Scotland and Drake Music Scotland.

Keegan & Pennykid Managing Director Ken Pennykid says “Our 2 year sponsorship of Arts & Business Scotland enabled us to qualify for a New Arts Sponsorship Grant and we were delighted to choose Drake Music Scotland to benefit from the partnership”

Drake Music Scotland Chief Executive Thursa Sanderson says “This is fantastic support from Keegan & Pennykid and Arts & Business Scotland – the drum kit produces the sound of any percussion instrument giving our musicians the choice of any type of beat from rock to samba and, because it is digital and easier to transport than a conventional Drum Kit, we’ll be able to use it in our projects across Scotland.”

“It’s cool!” Participant James Fleming says  “I can plug in headphones so I can practice when I don’t want people to hear me!”