Melissa’s Work Experience

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Melissa Thomson came to visit us this week on work experience from Perthshire.

My name is Melissa, I go to the community school of Auchterarder. I travelled 660 miles this week from Auchterarder. I play the cornet, piano and drums.

 I found out about Drake Music Scotland through my Auntie who said that my Cousin has got a friend that goes here who is Chris Jacquin. I came here because want to do music when I leave school. I mostly enjoyed listening and sometimes playing in the music session led by Lesley. I also liked playing around with logic in the Accredited Music Technology Course.

I also liked doing the Figurenotes task and helping out with the Junior Digital Orchestra 

Here’s what I did this week:

Screaming Rainbows rehearsing with Lesley leading on Guitar.


  • Bass – building tour and meeting staff
  • Data management task
  • Varifocals led by Lesley – I played chords on keyboard
Digital Orchestra rehearsing, with Ben Lunn Conducting.


  • Liveheart – led by Lesley – I played chords on the keyboard
  • Talked to Emma about all the projects they do
  • Screaming Rainbows – led by Lesley
  • Digital Orchestra – led by Ali Gillies and Pete Sparks


  • Started Figurenotes task with Rebecca
  • Dunedin school session – led by Lesley – I played chords on the iPad
Here is a tune I transcribed into Figurenotes notation on the computer.


  • Accredited Music Technology Course – led by Paul and Steve
  • Continued with Figurenotes task


Oona and Eric playing in Junior Digital Orchestra accompanied by Katie on the piano.
  • Finished Figurenotes task
  • Junior Digital Orchestra – led by Katie Davies