Musicians’ Union support our Campaign

Musician’s Union is supporting our new national campaign which aims to transform public attitudes about “who can be a musician”.

Drake Music Scotland’s #iamamusician campaign aims to raise the profile of disabled musicians and:

  • help give people with disabilities equal opportunities to fulfil their musical potential
  • create platforms for disabled musicians with a programme of high profile performances
  • create the first Digital Orchestra showcasing the talents of musicians and composers with physical disabilities.

“We know from our work across Scotland and our partnerships with other inclusive music organisations in the UK that disabled musicians and composers have little access to professional and career advancing opportunities” says Drake Music Scotland Chief Executive Thursa Sanderson, “This is largely due to a lack of public awareness that people with disabilities can be musicians too!

 Considerable progress has been made over the past few years in the development of music technologies which enable those with very limited physical movement and other disabilities to play and compose music as independently as possible. Instruments such as Brainfingers, Skoog and Soundbeam can be played by the palm of the hand, chin, foot and even brainwaves!

Drake Music Scotland hopes that musicians of all abilities across the UK and beyond will show their support for #iamamusician by following the campaign on-line and creating their own posts to share with the iamamusician hashtag on social media.

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