Royal Blind School Pupils share their Work Experience

Royal Blind School pupils report on their work experience

Drake Music Scotland provided us with a wide range of experiences such as working with the recording studio. We found out about different techniques to use when rehearsing and recording and the different software and hardware that goes into producing music such as Logic.  We were also given advice on what hardware to use in different situations, for example what microphone to use and when. From this week we got experience of working in a more informal environment where people have to set their own targets.  We also got an insight into what Drake does by going to see the final performance of a music project that Drake have been working on.  They also helped us to write and record our own piece of music.

Drake were very supportive in that they had all the software that we needed to be able to use the computer with a visual impairment.  However they also had many more ways to overcome disabilities, for example, we were shown how to use Soundbeam and found out about a package called Brainfingers.  We have really enjoyed our week at Drake and have found out about so many different ways for people to perform, record and produce music, even with severe disabilities.  We even managed to survive a whole day of teacher training!

Michael and Saad