Summertime Music Making

In late July and early August, the sound of music will be heard around SPACE as enthusiastic teens get together to strum a guitar, write a tune, or put down a backing track for a new song they’ve written, courtesy of the generosity of PARC Craigmillar, the company involved in regenerating the local Craigmillar area.   PARC Craigmillar Ltd is supporting Drake Music Scotland’s new summer music project for young people with disabilities which we hope will stimulate some creative activity and get participants creating music and playing together.

“Drake’s work is very impressive and they have a tremendous reputation.” says Eric Adair, Director of PARC Craigmillar Ltd  ” This project will give young people in Craigmillar a fantastic opportunity to experience the fun and pleasure of music and it’s a privilege to be able to support it.”


Get Involved

If you are in the 11-18 age range, have a disability of any kind, and live in or near the Craigmillar area and would like a chance to be involved, get in touch with us by sending an email to: with Summertime as the subject, or phone 0131 659 4766.


Summer Music-Making is generously supported by