Could you be our new Trustee?

Musicspace participants

Drake Music Scotland is currently seeking new Trustees to join its Board with expertise in several areas including:

  • Disability including direct personal experience of disability
  • Fundraising
  • Arts/Music Sector
  • Marketing/Media and PR
  • Commercial Business Development

The responsibilities of Drake Music Scotland Trustees include actively participating in:

  • Overall governance including compliance with OSCR, Company Law and other legislation
  • Upholding and reviewing the Aims and Objectives of Drake Music Scotland
  • Strategic direction including reviewing and approving Business Plans/Artistic Programme
  • Oversight of financial management and budgets, scrutinizing management accounts
  • Regular reviews of policies and procedures including Risk Management, Health & Safety, Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection and Safeguarding, Data Protection, Communications, Environmental
  • Advocating and being an ambassador for the work of Drake Music Scotland, making approaches to their contacts on behalf of the organisation
  • Attending events organized by the team and other events in support of the above
  • Contributing to Board development and participating in development days/training for trustees

Download more information about the Trustee voluntary position

If you would like to apply please send a CV and a brief email with an outline of your background to the Chief Executive Thursa Sanderson stating the reasons for your interest in the role, keeping in mind the specific areas of need outlined above.

If you would like to discuss this position or have any questions you would like to ask before applying, please email ( or phone Thursa on 0131 659 4766/ 0131 659 2935 (direct).

Closing date for applications – 12/4/19