Highland Road Trip

Projects Coordinator Bethany Whiteside reports on our recent collaboration with Fèis Rois.

In June, Drake Music Scotland travelled up en masse to Strathpeffer Pavilion, covering 350 miles of road and consuming vast amounts of ice-cream and cool drinks on the way. The occasion was the final project performance of our partnership work with Fèis Rois and St Clement’s School in the highlands.

Throughout March, May and June, Associate Musician Matilda Brown worked with the young musicians of Fèis Rois and pupils of St Clement’s School together with pianist and composer James Ross to create and perform new traditional Scottish music.

The performance was the culmination of the enjoyment and hard work put in by all of the participants and practitioners and friends, family and guests were delighted to witness the results. Two new compositions were premiered and Drake Music Scotland staff unanimously agreed that the 700 mile round trip had definitely been worth it!

Sláinte (cheers) everyone!